Vox’s Matthew Ygelsias – Has Jewish ancestors…

I was doing some digging into the background of Mathew Ygelsias.

Matthew Yglesias (/ɪˈɡleɪsiəs/; born May 18, 1981[1]) is an American blogger and journalist who writes about economics and politics.[2][3] Yglesias has written columns and articles for publications such as The American Prospect, The Atlantic, and Slate. In November 2020,[4] he left his position as an editor and columnist for the news website Vox, which he co-founded in 2014, to publish the Substack newsletter Slow Boring.

Then regarding his family background it says: Yglesias’s father Rafael Yglesias is a screenwriter and novelist, and he has a brother named Nicolas. His paternal grandparents were novelists Jose Yglesias and Helen Yglesias (née Bassine). His paternal grandfather was of Cuban and Spanish Galician descent, and his three other grandparents were of Eastern European Jewish descent.[5]

So there you have it 3 of his grandparents are basically Ashkenazi Jews!

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_Yglesias

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