Violent Jewish “ultra-nationalist” in the Russian Duma said: Kill ALL Germans, nuke Berlin, London, Warsaw & burn Paris!


[I’ve been aware of this Zhirinovsky for years. He always struck me as weird and I never could make out what his game is … but now I see, to my utter surprise that there’s a JEWISH ANGLE!!! AHA!! A loud-mouthed Jew!

I never knew what to make of this very weird character on the Russian scene. This guy talks over and over about how Russia must nuke various places. He once said that the Russians must nuke the Faroe Islands near Britain so that the British see the Islands and their 200,000 inhabitants disappearing, then everyone will know the might of Russia!

But in 2015 he was talking of nuking Berlin, London and Warsaw as well and burning Paris! The Russians do have nuclear missiles pointed at Germany as of 2016 I believe.

The Germans are reliant on the American Patriot Missile system and they’re busy negotiating for a new system from Lockheed and a European company. Notice how the Germans are hampered from developing their own anti-missile systems themselves! I’m sure the Germans would easily build the best anti-missile system on the planet and have nothing to fear from anyone.

This Zhirinovsky makes much more sense when I see him as a Jewish agent. He claims he’s not Jewish but his father was and he says “his family died in the holocaust” – which sounds like a load of rubbish.

This guy is in the Russian parliament, the Duma, and he’s openly said that ALL Germans must be KILLED!

Here’s what he said: Translation: State Duma 2015. Zhirinovsky. To burn Paris, bomb Germany so that no German citizen is left alive. Appeals to genocide from the rostrum of Russia’s parliament. Spiritual braces and the Russian world.

You can read the article: Russian war propaganda threatens to invade Warsaw, Berlin, London in 2015 –

It is also fascinating that this Jew or half-Jew is allowed to run around saying the most outrageous things imaginable. This kind of inciteful talk is typically Jewish. This is of the style of Rosa Luxemburg who was a virulent hateful Jewess in Germany before the time of Hitler and who constantly urged Germans to kill each other. She was a most hateful thing. This Zhirinovsky is the same sort of thing and reminds me of Julius Malema of South Africa. Same thing.

But in Zhirinovsky we have some kind of Jew/half-Jew/Jewish agent at work in Russia (clearly without Putin or anyone else being unhappy about it), saying the most hateful things as if to incite WW3. He’s constantly talking of nuking and killing on a vast scale – a very typical Jewish approach. But its interesting that he’s zeroed in on the killing of ALL GERMANS so that NO GERMAN IS LEFT ALIVE! That’s typically Jewish.

I find it interesting that this filthy Jewish agent, Zhirinovsky has been portrayed as an “ultra-nationalist” all these years. So this is a new kind of Jewish piece of shit at work.

Between you and me, I don’t believe that Russia could invade and destroy Europe – IF Europe were allowed to defend itself. America pokes its nose far too much in Europe and the Germans of course don’t rule themselves. France is more free and the French have nukes.

It is sickening to see this Third world Russia threatening the whites of Europe and this kind of talk. There’s no doubt in my mind that if Europeans were free that they’d defend themselves with EASE and I’m all game for the white race resuming Hitler’s fantastic project: Operation Barbarossa! We need to get the Whites of Russia unified and joined into a future Whites-only European super-state! Notice that his former name was Eidelstein and that he fakes animosity towards Jews!

This guy is a modern Rosa Luxemburg/Julius Malema rolled into one. A hate-filled piece of shit.

Below the article I put some interesting images and quotes from Zhirinovsky and also showing him with Putin!

One thing I am very pleased to hear about Russia is that “anti-semitism was and is RAMPANT in Russia!” Nice! That means many have woken up to the Jewish nonsense. But clearly that’s not stopped the Jews from hobnobbing with the Govt and with Putin! BUT notice how, despite the “rampant anti-semitism” Jews are functioning happily on a massive scale in Russia! (e.g. billionaires, etc). It shows you how helpless people are against the Jews everywhere. Jan]

Here is where he says his father was Jewish and he talks his shit about the holocaust:

VLADIMIR ZHIRINOVSKY, one of Russia’s most virulent ultra-nationalists, has announced for the first time that his father was Jewish, it was reported yesterday.

During an interview on Israel’s Russian-language radio station Reka, Mr Zhirinovsky said that his father’s side of the family were Polish Jews but he had “no connection” to them, as they had all died in the Holocaust.

The leader of the Liberal Democratic party and a Duma deputy, Mr Zhirinovsky has always played up his image as a anti-Semite.

He once threw flowerpots at Jews outside a Paris hotel who were protesting about his presence there, and in April he refused to stand for a minute’s silence in the Duma for Holocaust victims.

He has long been suspected of having changed his name from Eidelstein in his youth, a common practise as anti-Semitism was, and still is, rampant in Russia.