Videos & Photo: LOTS OF BLOOD: Antifa scum INVADE anti-mandate rally, STREET FIGHTS, punching, kicking, STABBING, ambulances ensue!


[ANTIFA scum are the TERRORIST army of the Jews … and BLM … I know BLM is called: Black Lives Matter, but it can also stand for: Black Liberation Movement! I'll bet nobody has pointed that out to you. And that too is it's real purpose …. a Black Army against WHITES. That's what's going on right under American's noses. Both of these should be declared terrorist movements and BANNED. Jan]

There are about a dozen videos including the blood flowing, at the source link here:

In Los Angeles, hand to hand combat broke out this afternoon as Antifa invaded an anti-mask mandate protest and started up a street war with proud boys and everyone else.

Good thing being up close throwing punches and getting blood and spit all over you isn’t a Covid risk. Otherwise this would seem absurd and stupid as a way to fight the dangers of people who don’t want to wear masks or socially distance, you know?

Independent photojournalist Sean Carmitchel has the most thorough account, with sympathies leaning a touch toward antifa and away from the anti-maskers.

Plenty of other clips, photos, and first-hand accounts were shared, too. Lots of this is being shared by the left side.


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