Videos: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: White Mercenaries from S.Africa smashing Blacks in Mozambique

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You are not going to believe what I am writing but it is the utter truth and you will see some film footage for yourself.

Here is a short video. This is from Mozambique, the former Portuguese colony. Here we have Black Muslims fighting in the north and defeating these Black Muslims whom the BLACK COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT OF FRELIMO cannot defeat. Let me repeat this to you. There is a small insurgency of radical Black Muslims in the north of Mozambique and the ENTIRE ARMY of the government of Mozambique CANNOT DEFEAT THEM! More than 500,000 Blacks have been fleeing from this tiny Black Muslim army.

Note: Much further north in Africa, in West Africa and elsewhere this same pattern is going on – Black Muslims are DEFEATING entire Black nations and the French Army and the American army are trying to hold them back and it’s not going well. Black Governments are UNABLE TO FIGHT these tiny wars and are losing. Their entire armies are useless at achieving success.

Even the South African Government, which is the most powerful Black government in Africa is NOT DARING TO SEND IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN ARMY INTO MOZAMBIQUE. They are NOT sending in the Army, nor the airforce, nor even our navy (since this is on the coast), to fight these Black insurgents. Even the Zimbabwean army, which is the most battle hardened army in southern Africa is not going there. These Black states are unable to contain a TINY WAR and NOBODY is willing to even spend money trying to contain these Black Muslims! Can you believe it?

But guess what … some hired WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN mercenaries, using helicopters and air power are the only ones able to smash these Black Muslims. There is now a lot of screeching about them killing other civilians needlessly. But the fact of the matter is that yet again, WHITE MEN are winning wars to KEEP BLACK GOVERNMENTS IN POWER! I’m not kidding you.


When in hell’s name will White men, anywhere in the WORLD fight for WHITE POWER? Hey? When?

These men are kicking ass, and are the deadliest thing on the battle field in Africa, and yet not one of them will fight for WHITE POWER. Think about that. And it is not only White South African mercenaries who are guilty of this. ALL WHITE MEN ACROSS THE WORLD ARE EQUALLY GUILTY. They will go to kill for Israel or Jews, but they will not think for a moment of fighting for a White nation, for their own people! They have the freaking skills to do it and it does not even enter their heads.

Take a look at this short piece of film footage from Mozambique from very recently.

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