Videos: A day of horror in White America: Black massacre of White Women re: Kyle Rittenhouse verdict


[Americans were sending me this raw footage. This is hideous. What a sad day. It is terrible to watch this, but WHITES MUST WAKE UP. You need to realise the hatred the Jews have unleashed in America. They've turned Blacks against you and they are creating seriously radical Blacks who are willing to kill Whites. Here you have a Black driving over these lovely young White women, innocently going about their happy little day. You have no idea what you have in your midst, White Americans. You think BLOOD cannot come to your country … but it can … and it has already … and the Jews can make it worse. Jews are using Blacks against you. Jews will stand on the sides while the Blacks try to kill you. These are people who have a long history of turning races and groups against each other. You people are too innocent to understand the concept of HATRED! HATRED! And how others can HATE YOU … TO DEATH! Jan]

My own comments are at the bottom. Here is what the Americans wrote:-

"Please share this

Just horrific footage of the #Waukesha #Wisconsin #Christmas Parade

3 blacks killed a bunch of white children at a Christmas parade.

There are videos of them mowing down 12-15 year old cheerleaders and dead little girls on the street. . Jewish media will try to censor it.

Do what you can to save your race. Spread the truth!

Expel or annihilate the parasite."

Billy Roper wrote this:-
Don’t let normies refer to the niggers purposefully driving into the Christmas parade to kill little White girls as an accident. Don’t let them leave race out of it. When you talk about it, and DO talk about it, make it clear that it was an intentional racial massacre of little White girls by niggers angry over the Rittenhouse verdict.

Here were my comments to the Americans who sent this to me:-

Thank you very much for the terrible film footage. I’ve saved it away for use. Here in South Africa there was an incident in 2017 at an event Whites did, called "Black Monday". A similar thing happened. But most were able to dodge the vehicle.
Blacks using vehicles as weapons is interesting. In communist Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, vehicles and driving were used as an assassination method for years. Things were "accidents" which weren’t really accidents and the evidence was clear.

From your film footage in the USA, it is clear that no driver can BY ACCIDENT drive like that through all those people. It has to be totally deliberate. I seem to recall I’ve heard of this tactic being used in the USA before. I’m sure I’ve seen at least one other instance of this. But this was very nasty, and the fact that it was done from behind is definitely a tactic – so that people don’t see him coming otherwise they’d have run out of the way.

The Jews have unleashed race war on all Whites, and when I look at this, you Americans can try all you like to avoid these nasty realities, but look at these things. Whites dead and some injured for life. So sad. All those young White women and we see this despicable stuff.

You can keep running, but the Jews are bringing this stuff to your doorstep whether you like it or not.

It will be interesting to see how far they go to try to damage young Kyle.

YOU ARE DEALING WITH REAL RADICALS HERE. REAL RADICALS. And one thing all Whites seem to be incapable of grasping, and this is all Whites everywhere, including South Africa, is the hate, the malice and the radical nature to do anything, by any means. Until we can grasp that, and meet that and counter it properly, we won’t be making progress.

What a sad day for you folks. What a horror for those young women. Dreadful. Dreadful.

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