Video: WRH001: The Ancient History of the White Race – Introduction


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In this video I give some background to the ancient history of our race and the videos I’ll be doing about us. Our history is broad, and while Europe became our main homeland and the most successful place we lived; we have lived all over the planet. Some communities of whites survived and others did not.

I discuss the ethics that existed among white nations of the Western world where we tried to avoid extreme barbarism among ourselves despite our brother wars which the Jews and others inflamed.

I discuss too sexual morphism and the extreme differences between our men and women which is unique to our race. Why is it that we evolved in this way? What is it about us that makes us different to other races in this regard? Should we keep it?

I also discuss the lies we have come to believe about ourselves and about technology. There are lies we have come to believe which suggest that we cannot do certain things any more which we used to do. I discuss some of the bogus Jewish/Liberal nonsense that we face in this regard and why our simple, super-efficient methods of the past will work as well; if not better than ever before.

I discuss our serious, boring, reliable nature and how the Jew takes us away from that using humour and entertainment and feeds us lies and concepts that mislead us and create new nightmares for us and why we must remain the way we are, for our own defense and progress.

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