Video: Will King Charles III finally destroy the British Monarchy? – My Comments

[This old Brit, in his true British way, of course lauds Megan the new "acquisition" to the British Royal Family. But he does make some good points about Prince Andrew, who was boinking the underage girls at the Jewish paedophile Epstein's island!!! However, with the Queen's husband being dead, and perhaps her own days being numbered, there is the prospect of Charles becoming King. I suspect that the Queen and others have not been keen on letting Charles rule and they've done everything to keep her alive as long as possible. It is also possible that they are hoping there were other options like Prince Andrew. But now with his issues … maybe Charles is all that is left? So then the issue becomes whether Charles will totally destroy the British Monarchy? Being an accelerationist, I think this would be excellent! So LONG LIVE KING CHARLES … may be totally bugger and finish off the Royal Family! Jan]

King Charles III is a ‘frightening prospect’: The fall of Royal Family predicted

Author Clive Irving has told Sky News why he thinks Prince Charles and his “autocratic tendency” could topple the monarchy after the reign of Queen Elizabeth II comes to an end.

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