Video: Why China Will Not Last This Decade – Peter Zeihan – My Comments


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[This guy is no fool. But I think he goes too far by saying that China will collapse. Communist states don't collapse. They crush their people and their elite always survive. But he is pointing out many flaws in China. China is NOT the wonderful fairy tale that lying Jews and stupid Liberals in the Mass Media tell you. It's a retarded communist state, and it's no friend of America or the West. It is an evil system built through the kindness of Western technology and entire Western industries moved there – move likely by Jewish filth. Jan]

With tensions heating up between the United States and China, questions are being asked about the future of US global dominance, with China seen as the rising power to dethrone Uncle Sam. Peter Zeihan, a political strategist sees this picture very differently, arguing that China lacks many qualities to overtake the United States of America. Contrary to popular opinion, Peter Zeihan insists that the CHinese system is facing collapse and in this video, we will look at Peter Zeihan’s views on the future of China to see why China, as a country, will not last this decade.

Here’s the video:

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