Video: WEIRD? Super crook Jew: Sam Bankman-Fried To Be Released On $250 Million Bond – My Comments

[I don't like this. If this was a non-Jew, then they would have been put in jail. Instead the Jew gets to live with his parents. Yes he hands in his passport and they say he will have electronic stuff on him to monitor him. But these Jews can now run around and do many many many things. And his mommy and daddy are professors. I don't like this. I am wondering if this Jew rat scumbag will comes out of this much more lightly and easily than he should. He should be spending DECADES in jail. I don't like this. I think lots of Jews are assisting him. The only good thing is that his former girlfriend and an Asian guy have pleaded guilty. But I think the Jew rat is getting a lot of help. It's bothering me. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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