Video: WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN SOUTH: The magnificent 108 year old Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery is slated for demolition – My Comments

[I was looking at these strange weirdos who are on this committee. I don't see Jews. These might just be a bunch of weak idiots who have some kind of Liberal links. Anyhow, it is just disgusting beyond belief that these assholes will now actually demolish a beautiful memorial in Arlington Cemetery. Whites everywhere need to realise that if you don't defend your culture, your history, or your race, Jews will DESTROY EVERYTHING. Jews are arrogant filthy scum who have no problem kicking you out of your own country. They are busy with a big program to destroy the real history of WHITE AMERICA and to turn you into weak pathetic people so that they and the Blacks can rule you and boss you around. I can't believe that such a lovely memorial can be destroyed. And it is being destroyed for Politically Correct junk reasons. This is just the same as the war on Germans known at the Holocaust, or the war against White South Africans for the fake crime of Apartheid or the war on White Rhodesians for the fake crime of Colonialism. Jews are hate filled, arrogant scum who have NO PROBLEM RULING YOU AND TELLING YOU HOW WRONG YOU ARE. All Whites should defend their history and their ancestors TO THE HILT. Jan]

Here’s a video about this wonderful memorial:

Here is where a Southerner wrote about this utter tragedy:
We Must NOT Allow the Desecration of Arlington National Cemetery

The magnificent 108 year old Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery is slated for demolition thanks to Ty Seidule and the politicized Woke naming commission whose mission is to erase Southern history from the Confederate era.

The Confederate Memorial was enthusiastically promoted by Congress, three presidents and veterans North and South to signify the RECONCILIATION and REUNIFICATION of our great nation after the War Between the States.

The Arlington Confederate Monument

We can not allow our nation’s most sacred burial ground to be dishonored and stained by a Woke political commission. Remember, the Confederate Memorial was the idea of Union veteran and President of the United States, William McKinley. It was enthusiastically approved by Congress. Another president, William Howard Taft, spoke at the laying of the cornerstone. A third president, Woodrow Wilson, spoke at the dedication ceremony June 4, 1914 as did Union and Confederate veterans.

In the War Between the States, 750,000 died and over a million were maimed.

The Confederate Memorial was designed and constructed by internationally renowned Jewish sculptor Moses Ezekiel, himself a Confederate veteran, a graduate of VMI. He is buried with three other Southerners at the base of his beautiful monument thus making it their headstone but also the grave markers for 462 other Confederate graves arranged in concentric circles around the monument and an intergral part of the memorial as was intended by Congress, three presidents, and veterans North and South.

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