Video: WAR: A Modern excellently built improvised, homemade armoured vehicle: Inside a captured Islamic State suicide vehicle

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Video: The Art of (((Mis-Management))): The Biggest Con Job that has fooled ALL Whites everywhere!
Whites EVERYWHERE are gradually being fooled regarding leadership and management. Most Whites dont have a clue any more what real, proper, White leadership is like or the tremendous heights it can achieve.

[This is from 2016. This is what happens in any war. People begin improvising. In this case, we see Muslims improvising. This may look weird, but it is well constructed and those bars can defend against rockets fired at it from the front. This is similar to some of the tricks the Germans used in WW2, in a more professional manner. But this is really how war will be in the future. Jan]

Here’s the short video:-

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Video: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers
I decided to look in Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to see what he said about the Boers. Few know of his obsession with the Boers when he was a young man. In Mein Kampf I found many references which indicated that Hitler had a knowledge even of the black tribes that live in South Africa. I found MANY references to God, Gods image, the Creator and the Christian religion.

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