Video: USA: Robots the Next Generation – Incredible White Technology – My Comments


[This video is from 2016. But look at what these robots can do. I am fascinated by these robots and would like to know the cost involved. I suspect that the cost factor is huge and that for now these are merely experimental concepts. As a computer programmer, I was watching the first robot walking through the snow. I've never walked through the snow myself! 🙂 Living here in Africa! But notice how the snow surface is uneven and he can step in places where suddenly his leg sinks. The robot then self corrects in a split second so as not to fall. This is very impressive stuff. I think though, the age of computers, software and electronics along with air and space travel is yet to bear its full fruit. The things our race are capable of has no match. I am watching these blacks in Africa as they fall ever more and more behind the rest of the world. I have so much to say on this topic. This is why I am convinced we are far from finished even here in Africa. But watch this video. I am interested in robot technology, but do NOT believe that robots are superior to us in anything, including warfare. Robots will merely be new kinds of tools, and new tactics need to be invented for them. Almost anything is possible I tell you. The sky … nay … the UNIVERSE is the limit for our race. Jan]

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