Video: US Politics: WTF? Are Republicans becoming BLACK and Democrats becoming WHITE?


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BIZARRE: Russia: Scientists to create a genetic weapon against Anglo-Saxons
This is a bizarre story from Russia. I have the link to the original Moscow Times article in Russian which you are welcome to translate. I have published the translation as well as the original text. Now you will see the crazy type of stuff Russians publish in Russia.

[If these figures are true, then this is totally weird. This is crazy if true. It might mean that College INDOCTRINATION OF WHITES is actually sending them to the Democrats … whereas the non-Whites in real life are actually abandoning the Democrats. I'm curious about this. The Republicans are rather weak. I thought they would have stood up more for Whites. If anyone has any other info on this I'm interested. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

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