Video: Undercover Nazis in The US Army (with Fake US Tanks) – WW2 Operation Greif – My Comments

[This is an interesting story. I had heard of the Germans actually successfully misdirecting American troops in this operation. In this video they do not suggest that the Germans had much success. They focus on the German failures. It seems as if Skorzeny's most successful move was to spread the rumours AHEAD OF THE OPERATION and that this resulted in causing the Allies a lot of headaches. What I find the funniest is how the useless allies then had to hide the useless British General Montgomery as well as the American general. No German General would have been such a coward. I find it quite funny how these very senior commanders were hidden away for quite a long time on the basis of Skorzeny's little trick. Nice! The Germans had balls! Brave, amazing men. Jan]

Here’s the video:

By December of 1944, over a quarter of a million Nazi troops had spread all over the Ardennes Forest in Belgium, and three fleeing Americans driving a Jeep would not normally have raised any alarm.

However, Hilter-induced paranoia had taken over the Allied troops in the Western Front, and the men were taken in for questioning after speaking broken English.

When American soldiers checked their vehicle, they discovered concealed weapons, explosives, and swastika emblems.

These men weren’t Americans; they were undercover Nazis, part of one of Hitler’s final grapples against the Allied powers’ supply chain: Operation Greif.

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