Video: Ukrainian Officials stealing train loads of US Aid: Zelensky regime CAUGHT doing the UNTHINKABLE to NATO aid in Ukraine – My Comments

[I've come across some stuff that might be solid. It has to do with a guy named Scott Ritter who exposed things long ago regarding Iraq and he was totally correct. Now he's saying the Jew rat Zelensky is busy with very very naughty stuff. Scott had been on this show that you're about to see. However, what I don't like about this show is that they are a lot like the Jeff Rense and Art Bell types (and how I used to be), in that they talk a lot about aliens and stuff. So their grip on facts does bother me. But I'll publish the Ukranian stuff because ultimately their source is this Ritter guy and he seems like a seriously solid White. It might help to explain why the Jew Rat Zelensky needed to shut down ALL FREE SPEECH in Ukraine. I found that really creepy. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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