Video: Ukraine War: What difference will western tanks make? – My Comments – German Leopard 2

[This is a British military guy with a good analysis. Out of sheer curiosity I am very interested in seeing in 2023 how the German Leopard 2 performs. I've always thought it was superior to the US M1 Abrams. One major difference, which shows how much dead weight the US Military has, relates to the insane costs of an M1 Abrams. It is an extremely heavy tank. Its support requirements are incredibly heavy. It seems the German Leopard is not only good, but much easier to run and to look after. I do however share the lack of interest by the Germans in wanting to send their high tech armour to Ukraine. I understand and agree with their reticence. But even so, I'm keen to see if we hear anything about the Leopard 2 in battle. That will be fascinating. I don't think Leopard 2's have ever seen combat. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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