Video: Ukraine says: The Counter Offensive against Russia has BEGUN! – My Analysis

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[This video has some excellent film footage from inside Russia.It seems to me the Ukrainians are reaching DEEP inside Russia and
blowing up key things to make it almost impossible for the Russians to
either rearm their troops or even to do the command and control of their
troops. I think their goal is to go like in Kharkiv last year and
actually send the Russians RUNNING. I still think the real goal is
Crimea as per my video. I think I understand how the Ukrainian General
Staff think. Anyway, we'll see. It's going to be wild. This counter offensive is going to be very nasty for the Russians. It will be interesting to see how Colonel Douglas MacGregor and Scott Ritter try to explain this away when the Russians lose a BIG CHUNK of the territory they have in Ukraine. It's going to happen this summer. The Ukrainian military says that the Counter Offensive has already been going for a few days. Much of it will be secret, but I'm constantly hunting for any film footage of it. The Russians are about to suffer their greatest defeat since the German Army smashed them. This might be the greatest battle we will observe in our lives. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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