Video: Tucker Carlson: The Cat Is Out of the Bag – Joe Biden; Jew Walensky; Israel Agent Fauci’s lies

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[This is absolutely excellent. You can see Joe Biden and his Jews and Jew agent liars all talking about COVID being a pandemic of the unvaccinated, etc, etc. See the comment below which an American was sending around, and then at the bottom is the excellent video. Doesn't it feel good to be one of those who DID NOT GET VACCINATED? 🙂 It does! All this Jewish crap that was rammed down everyone's throats! And now vaxxed and double boosted Joe Biden still got COVID! Hitler would have laughed at this. This is Jewish science at it's finest! Jan]

These are the comments from an American who was sending this around:

While I harbor little doubt that Tucker is a corporate media minion, along with the rest of the legacy media talking heads, what’s significant here is that this broadcast represents a turning point for the prediction that Clif High had made, regarding an enraged citizenry eventually striking back at officialdom for them having been pressured so hard into taking the jabs. This news will no doubt piss a whole lot of vaxxed people off, especially if their health happens to be flagging.

(As an aside, info shared here has been available for well over a year now, even within pages of well respected medical publications like The Lancet, which was openly exposing the outright media lie told us that this is "a pandemic of the unvaccinated," making it clear that natural immunity was proving far superior to any claimed by way of syringe, by orders of magnitude).

Few folks who rolled up their sleeves, bothered to do any research first, before caving-in to pressure from family, friends and employers.

Taking back our country from the tentacles of medical tyranny, starts with reclaiming our minds as a sovereign space.

Greg S. (California)

Here’s the video:

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