Video: Trouble for UK: Liz Truss fake conservative – Israel lover & liar: Farage warns UK is in big trouble because they decided to ‘go green’ – My Comments

[Going Green is a load of garbage. In my view the Jews are trying to invent all kinds of fake super-big business scams to generate huge amounts of money for business. Green is also a way of destroying things that work and are necessary. Germany was destroyed with all types of Green nonsense. Now the UK is going down the same path. It seems to me that Liz Truss is a liar. She was against Conservatism and is now faking it as a Conservative. I'm telling you, I miss Boris Johnson more and more each day. These White Liberal/Leftist women who get into power are total assholes. She seems to be a liar too. And she likes the scum nation called Israel. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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