Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: Life in Germany 1950s & Meeting the Japanese Right Wing

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This is my first interview with Tom Metzger. We discuss his early life and how things led to him becoming involved in racial politics.

We discuss his time in the US Army and when he was deployed to Germany for 2 years in the 1950s. It is astounding that the Germans were NOT seething with HATRED towards the Americans. He had a great time in Germany.

We jump to the 1980s when he went on a trip to Japan where he met military officers and the Japanese Right Wing. During this fascinating trip the Japanese kept asking: “Why do you put up with the blacks?”

Tom advised the Japanese to rearm, which I think is a great idea.

Tom talks at length about the Jews having been in China for 1,000 years. The top Jewish family in China that controls China is the Sassoon family. He says the Jews were brought in to run China at the time of the Mongol Empire.

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