Video: The reason Black African leaders want Ukraine war peace: FOOD!! – THEY NEED GRAIN!!!


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Video: General Von Manstein: Advice on HOPELESS sitations for Nations
Many Whites have told me that our situation is hopeless in all our nations including here in S.Africa. In this video I take a look at brilliant White men who lived through the hell of war and what they thought about hopeless and desperate situations. What did these men think who had spent years of their lives handling desperate, dangerous and hopeless situations.

[Here's a good analysis about why these Black African leaders want peace and why they want to meet Putin. This analysis also shows what the real game is for Putin in Africa. As I have said, Putin is busy trying to start wars in Africa. You'll see more of that here. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Zimbabwe: 10,000 Blacks starved to death after White Farmers were chased out
2004: The Black Government denied that Blacks were starving to death. Here a Black Bishop gave some statistics. In here you‘ll read about nasty events that were hidden from the world.

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