Video: The Jews tried to kill Adolf Hitler 42 times!

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Pic: AWESOME MEME: 1934 Machine Guns When White Society was responsible Gun Laws
Whites have never been babies. We do many dangerous things without even thinking about it. In 1934, even a child could order a machinegun by mail order. There were zero school shootings back then.

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In this video we will look at the 42 times they tried to kill Adolf Hitler. But what is missing from the discussion is the most obvious thing (just like with the death of George Lincoln Rockwell the US Nazi), the JEW!! Nobody discusses the possibility that the JEWS are behind the attempts to kill Hitler!

Another fact which goes unmentioned is Hitler’s EXTREME BRAVERY prior to and during WW2 with all these attempts to kill him being on the increase! In WW1 he won the Iron Cross for bravery. Yet, during the time that he ruled Germany the Jews tried to kill him 39 times! They tried to kill him 3 times before he became the Chancellor of Germany in January 1933!

This is my tribute video to Hitler’s birthday in 2018.

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