Video: The Jew Ben Shapiro talking Jewish religious nonsense to anti-White Jordan Peterson

[Here we have Jordan Peterson who might be a crypto-Jew or some kind of Jewish related scumbag who is filled with a love of the Soviet Union and communism, pretending to be a Christian I think. He's listening to the Jewish rat Shapiro cackling on about garbage from Judaism. What made me chuckle was when Shapiro then claims that Jews are the "light" and that they are here on behalf of God, and they're intended to show everyone else how to live a good life and to be an example to others. That had me bursting out laughing. These Jews are so full of their own crap. One thing I've not come across before is this Jewish junk term: "Bnei Noach". The best I can find is this: "Historically, the Hebrew term Bnei Noach has been applied to all non-Jews as descendants of Noah…" So is this another junk Jewish term for goyim? It's the first time I've seen this garbage and just wondered. Anyway, below is the short video where you can hear the Jew Shapiro talking his Jewish "religious" garbage. These scum have too much time on their hands and they live too well. They have far too much time to think up a lot of nonsense. Jan]

Here it is:

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