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[The Eland Armoured Car was a lovely weapon. It was a French Armoured car that the White South Africans modified and improved. They were the heaviest armour that we had in Rhodesia. The teamwork between France and Apartheid South Africa helped all us Whites survive for as long as we did. Jan]

The Eland armored car, takes its Afrikaans name from the African Eland, the largest antelope in the world. Similar to its namesake, the Eland evolved to adapt to the tough Southern African environment. Its design, adaption, and production happened just before South Africa became the subject of international embargoes in the 70’s, spurred on by its racial segregation policies. Against the backdrop of the Cold War in Southern Africa which saw a steep rise in liberation movements backed by the Socialist sphere of countries such as Cuba and eastern europe.

Here’s the video:

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