Video: The collapsing presidency of Joe Biden – WARNING: ALL WHITES ARE FOOLED BY WELL INTENTIONED LIBERALS – My Comments


[This is a very good commentary. Americans can, very often, see the raw truth. But I am concerned when someone describes Liberals as "well intentioned", when they are DOING EVIL. This is a common lie that all Whites everywhere have believed. We even believed it in South Africa. This is wrong. Liberals are NOT well intentioned. Liberals are DELIBERATELY EVIL AND HAVE EVIL INTENTIONS AND KNOW WHAT THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR ACTIONS WILL BE. THEIR ACTIONS DO HAVE THE CONSEQUENCES THAT THEY KNOW WILL COME. BUT THEY LIE ABOUT IT. So beware of describing Liberals as WELL INTENTIONED. No they are NOT. And it is a LIE. Jan]

Here’s the video, it’s very good:

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