Video: Re-Release: The Super Rich, 3 former Presidents & Jews say: Get rid of Zuma!

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I analyse a story wherein 3 former Presidents of South Africa including FW De Klerk (whom I call “The Biggest Loser”) are all openly coming out to unseat President Zuma. The Boers were right all along. The wolf we feared is at our door now. I explain how the Liberal scum lied and tricked the whites into the situation we’re now in. I mention too the super rich Jewess Helen Suzman, who was a lifelong enemy of the Boers. I discuss the plan of the Super-Rich, Liberal scum & Jews to take over all of Africa’s businesses and what a flop that turned into. I discuss the joke Liberal concept from ten years ago of “The African Rennaisance”. I explain the real reason why the super-rich & Jews like Democracy and how these same people now openly attack the very thing that they helped to create because as always they do whatever the hell they please. Now they try to use Section 89 of the constitution to unseat Zuma.

Here’s the original story that I’m quoting:

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