Video: SA Race War: 1st Battle Between Blacks & Whites – Part 2


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Backup Video:

Part 1 was banned from Youtube and can be viewed here:

I went to the scene of the battle 8 days after it happened & took photos. Alex and I discuss the new information I uncovered. Whites were calling extensively for reinforcements hoping that thousands of whites with guns would arrive. The blacks also bussed in 30 taxi loads of reinforcements. There were gun shots fired on both sides & at least one person died on either side. I also discuss the massed arson attacks that took place in the Cape province in one day a month ago. I discuss Julius Malema and President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe working together secretly to create a race war in South Africa in an attempt at overrunning the whites of South Africa Zimbabwe style. I wrote a conditional declaration of war on in 2010 because I was convinced that the murder of Eugene Terreblanche was an assassination attempt that was a prelude to the mass invasion of white farms in South Africa planned by Malema and Mugabe. Malema leads a charmed life and is very likely protected by the South African Govt.

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