Video: Russians Speak: Russians who don’t care about Russian lives: Head of RT: this war is more important than WWII

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[#RussianLivesMatter. This woman is the head of the Russian Times website. I've posted many things that come from them. This is her take on the importance of the Ukraine War. She says that death is not as important as defeat. I'm sure she does not actually go on to the battlefield, and never has and never will. I doubt Putin goes anywhere near the battlefield and never will. People who care about Whites should ask themselves whether these people care about Russian lives? Is this war, really as important to Russia, that Russian men must just be thrown into this regardless to die? Rest assured more Russian men have died in this war than Ukrainian men. The actual Russian death toll in combat is at least 2x that of the Ukrainians. The real ratio is in the region of 2.1 to 2.7 Russians die for every Ukrainian. And no, there were no Russians who DIED from bio labs in Ukraine. Between 500,000 and 900,000 Russian men FLED RUSSIA so as to NOT have to fight for Putin. Many Russians strike me as quite poor, and I think there might be others who wanted to leave but just did not have the means to flee or they might have been parted from their loved ones. She loves quoting the Bible I see. Life is treating her well. I'm sure she lives far better than the average Russian and she won't feel any pain. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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