Video: RACE IS REAL: Diversity brings trouble: India furious with Canada: India’s Assertive Foreign Policy Towards Canada

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[I went to check up to see what this is really about. It relates to what Trudeau said. But Canada now has an Indian population inside Canada. That population is itself a problem for White Canadians. But watch how this needless complexity of diversity now creates other problems. This is a serious issue for the Indians. The future is going to be very interesting because Jewry and Liberals have created lots of new problems for Whites in North America where, previously, there were no problems. America has a LOT of problems coming. This is stuff that Canada does not need. Notice how India is NATIONALIST NOW! This is what came from the destruction of the European Empires. And if you watch the video carefully below you'll see that the Indians are following their own foreign policy and not listening to the West any more. This is what happens when you lose control of other people. All the hobnobbing with the Indians did not work for the West. Jan]

This is a summary from Wikipedia about this issue:

In September 2023, while speaking to the Canadian parliament, Justin Trudeau accused India of being involved in the slaying of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent advocate of the Khalistan separatist movement who had been killed by masked gunmen in Surrey, British Columbia.[213] Although Nijjar had been accused by India of having links to terrorism, India denied any involvement in his death and expelled a Canadian diplomat from India following the allegations by Justin Trudeau.[213] To date, Canada has yet to provide any evidence of Indian involvement in the killing of Nijjar.[213]


Here’s the video:

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