Video: Quick Lesson: The MASSIVE territory that a few million Whites controlled in Africa


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In this short video we look at southern Africa and compare it to the size of America, China, India, Europe and various countries like France and Germany.

The immense size of the territory controlled by the 5 million or so, whites of southern Africa just a few decades ago, may astound you.

One thought on “Video: Quick Lesson: The MASSIVE territory that a few million Whites controlled in Africa

  • 2nd January 2020 at 7:42 am

    We lost the battle but the war continues.

    Jan you cant say we lost in the real sense. How could we fight this war with our hands and feet tied. We had sanctions from the West, we had financial embargoes, we had the world kicking us while fighting.

    We won it, if we truly lost, then how was it we were able to still create a constitution for ourselves?

    We gave in, we were not defeated.

    If we were defeated, we would have had no say in this country in an aspect and the constitution would have been rejected.

    If the U.S or those Western nations just stood on the sidelines and left us alone, we would still be in charge. The CIA thought we could still fight on for 25 years after the 1994 election, meaning we would still be holding onto power right now today.

    We had developed the most sophisticated weapons in the world and biological weapons which are still being used right now in the Congo, Ebola only cropped up during our wars here. We have other weapons in hidden cuboards that could wipe this continent clean.

    We were forced to hand over. I would not say we lost, we handed over not because of the ANC but because of the West. The Americans were putting military bases here in Botswana threatening to invade should we not follow orders and hand over.

    We were losing so badly that the cubans asked for an honary discharge from the war, that the Russians gave up on training the ANC to the point they had to bring in the Cubans, we had the sanctions ontop of all of this.

    The war continues, the battle was stopped mid flow.

    Please stop saying we lost. We did not lose at all.

    We are still fighting just most whites dont realize it.


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