Video: Jordan Peterson asshole: How Hitler was Even More Evil Than You Think

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20 Pics: RAHOWA (White) RACIAL HOLY WAR: Excellent memes to spread among whites
I really am a huge fan of Ben Klassen and the Creativity Movement. It was Ben Klassen an almost South African sounding name but actually a German Ukrainian who moved to the USA, who invented the Whites only religion of Creativity and coined the phrase: RAHOWA Racial Holy War, for whites.

[This Jordan Peterson is a bag of shit. I would not be surprised if he is an actual Jew. There is so much about him that smells like a dirty Jewish rat, and he has an insane hatred of Germans. Peterson also LOVES Jewish Communism in the Soviet Union. But just look at this video, if you wish, and see how he tries to demonize Hitler to the utmost that he can. Peterson is a bag of crap, and if I had to vote on it, I'd say he's a filthy Jew. If he's not a Jew, then he's either a crypto-Jew or one of these weak White assholes who loves Jews. But my money is that he's a Jew or a crypto-Jew. When I look at his face, there is something about it that also makes me think this is not a normal White man. Jan]

Here’s the disgusting video:

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In this video we look at Apartheid in its proper context. Was Apartheid really intended to be VIOLENT? Were the Whites trigger-happy and keen to just slaughter Blacks in great massacres? Is the new South Africa more peaceful than under White rule?

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