Video: Jewish Capitalism: A Salary is the Drug They Give You to Forget Your Dreams

More and more Whites will discover that capitalism is really a hollow thing. Most people tolerate capitalism because they believe it is a fair system that rewards you. But the reality is, that on a small scale this might be true, the fact is that to rise to great heights you really have to be degenerate. There is a glass ceiling and you are censored from rising above it. In this interview a man has his views on what a salary is. The truth is, that living your life for financial reasons only, is rubbish. Whites will find that when you are operating in capitalism, you are selling out and losing out on things that are much more important like nation and race and the future. It’s really not worth it. This is something I’ve been thinking about also from my time when I worked in the corporate world as a "professional", and I now regard the whole thing as pure bunk. These are just a few comments. I will discuss this another day properly in videos. But we are destroying ourselves by only focusing on the financial.

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