Video: Is a full scale NATO versus Russia war on the horizon? – Is NATO going to war with Russia? – My Comments

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Video: STOP FARM MURDERS!!! Black Politicians are directly responsible for Farm Murders!
This is a short video I did which quickly gives you some background into farm murders and why I, and others say that Farm Murders are caused directly by black politicians. Here are many facts about Farm Murders in South Africa that you dont know!

[Just a quick note. I am aware of big military exercises in Germany. Perhaps this is related. Before people panic and think there will be nukes flying, etc. The key thing to watch is the Ukranian offensive this summer. We don't know when or where it will happen. We need to assess it. The Russian offensive was a huge flop. Now we need to see if the Ukranians can break through the Russian lines. If so, that would be a game changer and it would mean serious nightmares for Russia. It is my view that US Generals are keen to see this happen and senior US and British generals are talking very aggressively about this. I am sure that the USA has been FORCING Europe into this, and I think they've managed to get the Germans to go along with this. The sad fact is that since WW2, America is the De facto leader of the Western world. But, don't panic about nukes or anything. The Russians are already in deep trouble as it is. I don't think NATO will need to break them. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: JEWS101: Whites colonised Blacks; Jews colonise Whites! - Introduction to the Jewish problem
This short video is an introduction to the Jewish problem between Whites and Jews.

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