Video: Important: Killing Americans: Health – Remdesivir is a killer in Covid – My Comments

[This is a very fascinating angle to US Deaths of COVID. There seems to be evidence that Dr Fauci is also behind this, and the mass use of this might be playing a role in the killing of Americans. This is very weird. Furthermore, I've heard that Dr Fauci has …. you guessed it … links to Israel and Jews. That could explain his wrong moves. Jan]

A video well worth watching.

Fauci has ordered doctors to use remdesivir on covid patients as the only treatment when he knows it kills over half the people taking it. The video gives the back story on this. Fauci is just evil.

If you go to the hospital with covid – the only treatment you will get is remdesivir. Since you are not allowed to even visit your loved one, you don’t know what is happening and have little hope without a lawyer to compel the hospital to provide Ivermectin for your loved one.

Hospital administrators make the doctors use remdesivir only or lose their jobs according to other whistleblowers that have come forward. Many doctors are quitting.

This video gives info on who to turn to, to save your life or that of a loved one.

We have a health system that is run by organized crime and not medical personnel.

Most Important Video You’ll See / Watch / Listen / Share With Loved Ones

Duration: 14 Minutes

If anyone is in ICU, lawyers are standing by to tell hospital what to do instead of administering Remdesivir.

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