Video: I hate to be a Black South African – My Comments


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Video: How America built UFOs
This video is about military secrecy. We study a documentary from 2011 when a lot of Area 51 information was declassified and when some people, including a high level CIA official were allowed to speak.I discuss my time when I was young when I was in the South African Navy and I handled Secret and Top Secret files and how these things work in real life.

[Here's a Black guy in South Africa who is telling the Truth. What he is doing is good, but it's also far too late. Possibly as many as 100,000 Whites have been murdered since 1994 when the BLACK NIGHTMARE descended upon us. We, as Whites, need to PART COMPANY, permanently with these people. In this video you will at least hear the truth out of the mouth of a Black man in Africa. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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