Video: How Churchill made Americans hate Germans! Part 1


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This was Britain’s greatest covert operation in its history, the British Security Coordination (BSC)! This is the real story behind the fictional character of James Bond. Famous names like Ian Fleming and Roald Dahl are among the real life people who were associated with this project. Sir William Stephenson is referred to as “the Greatest Canadian” by some people. He is the real inspiration behind James Bond. Stephenson created a strategy of black propaganda which he called “Political Warfare” and he ran it from the Rockefeller Center in New York with the connivance of Roosevelt. These are the fiendish dirty tricks and outright lies employed by the British in the USA to fool Americans into hating the Germans and into fighting and dying for British Jewry in its mad drive to destroy Hitler and the Germans. We look at the dirty tricks aimed at demoralising German widows and many other devious methods used to smear the Germans.

I also examine the neutrality laws of America in the 1930s and how Roosevelt selectively applied them to the disadvantage of Italy and Japan while favouring Britain, Russia and China.

I discuss the parallels of the British in the USA with the hundreds of CIA operatives who came to South Africa in the 1980s/1990s. I discuss the South African mercenary operation of Executive Outcomes and Eeben Barlow who created it. Executive Outcomes were white mercenaries who won two wars in Africa for blacks fighting against other blacks. They are currently probably fighting in Nigeria.

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4 thoughts on “Video: How Churchill made Americans hate Germans! Part 1

  • 1st January 2019 at 11:59 pm

    Mal, wish i’d come across this video and your comment sooner…i have always been so curious about this & i am glad to read what you had to say here….fascinating what you said about camera angles, showing churchill in “good light”, blocking views of angry east end crowds and purposely leaving audio out so as not to hear angry crowds & their true feelings for this POS whom they didn’t elect, who of course showed up just in time to escalate the war by starting massive bombing campaigns all over civilian populations of Germany.
    even more sickening is to watch old footage of churchill and his special trips to russia to see stalin while they were still doing their plotting. even worse, to see the three ‘amigos’ together – you can feel the tension and awkwardness and it is so apparent to me now they were up to evil things.

  • 26th July 2017 at 12:19 pm

    I agree with every word you wrote. I have just wrote as yet unedited article on that tow rag.

  • 25th July 2017 at 11:21 pm

    The British people saw right through that rat Churchill, although they could do nothing during wartime as they would have been shot, they got rid of him as soon as the war was over. He did not win the election just after the war and he was draughted in as PM replacing Chamberlain so he was never elected into office, ever, he was hated by the regular people, they knew he was a scumbag. They say all the footage of Hitler is selected to show him in a good light well with the drunken rat Churchill it was true, camera angles used to block the view of angry crowds in the east end of London after the bombings and never any sound as you could hear the crowds baying for his blood. I’m English and I hate that bastard Churchill with all my heart, he cared not a jot for the people of Britain, he thought he was above us. He was a coward and a terrible leader totally owned by the jews, I wish he had never been born to his whore of a mother that slept with that many men the there is real doubt as to whom Churchill’s father was.


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