Video: Half-Jewish Feminist & Liberal trouble-maker: Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA – My Comments


[This short video is most interesting. It appears that Steinem was doing a lot of "Liberal" stuff, which in fact is probably outright TREASON against the USA and probably pro-Communist … and then people suggested that she pretend to be something else to fool those who were watching her so that she does not get nailed for "UnAmerican activities". It is interesting how the Rich were back then too. I find it disgusting how these treasonous people at the time knew how to squirm around and even have the gumption to go to the CIA and work with the CIA. But yes, there are Liberals in the CIA too. That's also not good. It's all that Jewish thinking that leads ultimately to real serious problems. So nowadays, the CIA is "woke" … and I'm sure many Whites in it don't like it … if they still have jobs! This woman is, in reality, a TRAITOR to America and an enemy of the West. And with her feminist nonsense she went on to create real problems for the Western world. . Jan]

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