Video: German Boer Unity: Germans fighting back like crazy in Germany – 2 New Trials for Alfred


Here are some screen shots I took of Alfred when we did this interview. Here’s a happy, healthy German with his Swastikas! We all need our Swastikas and the mental health that it brings!

Right-Click here to download the Video

Right-Click here to download the Video

I discuss Nietzsche and the Superman and its application to Alfred Schaefer. The Superman is a very important concept for all whites.

I did this interview on 31st May 2018.

Alfred Schaefer in Germany is doing awesome things. He’s doing his videos with 2 German flags behind him, one of which is the Swastika! He’s looking happy and healthy! Proof that Nazism is HEALTHY!

Once the Jew is out of your head you feel GREAT! Then neither jail nor death bothers you because you know what the reality is about!

Alfred explained how well things went in his previous trial where despite all the things he said, they did not increase his fine and he was still fined 4500 Euros.

We discuss Sylvia Stolz who did magnificent work giving him advice and even writing up 75 pages of legal documents for him. She is still engaging in appeals and other processes as best she can. Though she is due to go to jail.

Alfred is on trial in Munich on 2nd July.

Alfred and his sister Monika are on trial on 16th July.

The (((Govt))) has a document with 90 pages of indictments against Alfred.

Among those testifying against him will be Ursula Haverbeck.

We discuss Tommy Robinson, an Israel Firster who has got all the publicity while real whites who are pro-white are ignored.

The German Police have raided Alfred’s home 3 times. They returned a computer that they had stolen from him in the early hours on morning in 2016.

Alfred explains how many Germans are waking up at an ever faster pace from their Jewish Zombie state and how they want to take Germany back from the Jews and the African invaders. After you have been red-pilled, you can’t go back to being the Liberal/Jew Zombie you were before!

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