Video: FANTASTIC NEWS: Is the IDF struggling in Gaza? Even the MSM is getting SKEPTICAL about Israel’s claims

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[Tiny Hamas might actually be beating the stupid Jewish IDF!!! This British Military Analyst is a former fighter pilot. Listen to what he says. He openly mentions that they are hearing the JEW (IDF) side of the story but nothing from the other side, Hamas!!!! So as a military guy he is skeptical about only hearing one side of the story and he's even skeptical about the videos from the Jews!!! The best news is that the "Mighty Jew army" does not seem to have been able to truly defeat Hamas in the north of Gaza!!! These are TINY AREAS and the Jews are not able to make that much headway despite insane amounts of fire power! The whole thing looks like a big Jew mess in tiny Gaza and the Jews don't really seem to have achieved much! I am amazed that tiny Hamas is actually hanging in there. I don't think Hamas should ever release hostages. But all in all as you will see from this British analysis, it's looking like a real damned mess with this "mighty" Jew army which has insane amounts of fire power, unable to defeat a tiny group of Arab Guerillas. It's pretty excellent. What a laugh. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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