Video: Do Jews make you INSANE? The Assassination of the Jew Allard Lowenstein: Part 2


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We examine closely the strange insanity that befell the young white man Dennis Sweeney who killed Allard Lowenstein. I dig into a story that has been largely forgotten. What was it that made Dennis Sweeney “insane”? Did the activities and the statements of the Jew Lowenstein play a role in this?

How did a quiet, guitar-playing, apolitical young white man turn into an intense, angry revolutionary who risked his life fighting “the white power structure” at the behest of this Jew?

I examine the statements of other people who knew Lowenstein and how it shows that Sweeney was not alone in feeling angry and betrayed by this Jew. This Jew made a number of enemies. Also there are rumours of the Jew making unwanted homosexual moves on Sweeney.

If Sweeney was totally insane, then why was he only insane when dealing with Lowenstein when in fact on all other matters he was lucid and sane? Why is it that Sweeney recovered fully after a few years in jail without requiring any drugs? He became totally normal again, after counseling and was let out of prison!

Why did Sweeney come to believe that there was a “Jewish conspiracy” and that people were being harmed secretly? We look at the final moments of the Jew Lowenstein’s life before Sweeney took out a gun and fired 7 rounds into him.

5 thoughts on “Video: Do Jews make you INSANE? The Assassination of the Jew Allard Lowenstein: Part 2

  • 14th October 2018 at 12:19 am

    Very good question. Happened of course in Russia, Poland etc; and probably China, Japan.. And earlier in Holland, then Britain, then the USA.
    Part of the issue is money, which you don’t mention: did Lowenstein have money from Jews funnelled to himself, probably in secret? Obviously most ‘Antifa’ types are funded; I’ve been told here that Jews, running buses etc, paid students or ‘students’ ten pouds to go an hold placards, shout etc. People who turn up to ‘help’ with vehicles etc and no backgound should be suspect. There will probably have to be laws to penalise fake activists imho.

  • 8th March 2018 at 9:09 pm

    Excellent work Jan , the parts 1&2 really shows the subversive nature of the oppressed Jewish communist , you have to give it to these bastards , they really know how to manipulate the gentile mind ,
    I must say the normal people I talk to everyday are getting more and more interested in what I say in regard to who is behind the destruction of our European nations , in the past two weeks I have had four people wishing to look at the information , this time last year this was unheard of , people are noticing the subversives of the Jewish people , especially what just happened in Poland with the Jews throwing a fit at the Polish government banning the Polish Death Camps , I had two people literally begging for more information to further this most interesting of subjects , the International Jew ..

    • 10th March 2018 at 11:49 am

      Excellent news Ryan! Yes please red-pill as many people as you can. Glad you enjoyed the video. There are plenty more to come!!

  • 8th March 2018 at 12:10 pm

    Thanks Jan, appreciate your work!


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