Video: Canada was 100 years ahead of NASA: Avro Arrow Test Flights – Lots of deep Canadian bitterness: Fury at the Jew Diefenbaker

[Here is another Avro Arrow test flight from 1959. What an insane plane that was … so long ago. Below is the link to the video, but I pulled out all the comments from the Canadians. They are spitting mad at their weak dumb Government. But the Jew Diefenbaker from America was the c*nt who came and destroyed the Canadian dream. And yes, the Canadians can be proud, like many other Europeans of their fantastic achievement. I can agree with the way they feel. That's what happens when you are screwed over man. And Jews are always involved in all kinds of crap. Jan]

Here’s the short video:

This video shows a test flight of Avro Arrow RL201 in early 1959 with Spud Potocki at the controls. The last flight of 201 was February 19, 1959, the last flight of any Arrow.

Check out the Canadian bitterness in the comments. Notice how they mention the Jew Diefenbaker continuously. That’s what Jews do man. They screw you big time. I agree with these angry, embittered Canadians:

7 months ago
The Concord was a great plane the Arrow was THE PLANE. A shattered Canadian dream.

5 months ago
Thanks for the videos. Proof we Canadians are as good as anybody.

8 months ago
Thank you for sharing. In 1958 we flew mach 1.5, imagine what we could do today if iour government had the balls to finish this,

3 weeks ago
the lack of belief in our people and ideals still stuns me today. Canada has not tried to take a title shot since diefenbaker killed the arrow. so sad, so very sad

2 months ago
There was a butterfly effect that sucked Canada into a hurricane of debt, subversion, subservience, financial ruin, political ineptitude, a dying middle class, an evaporating national identity, globalism, and rampant political "correctness".

And that butterflys name was Avro Arrow.

May you never know peace, Diefenbaker

5 months ago
welcome to the real world

2 months ago
Another six months to a year and the Mark ll would have flown with the new Orenda Iroquois engines. The Mark ll would have easily broken Mach 2, with the highest ceiling height of any jet aircraft flying at this time, and the orders would have flooded in. What a waste of a world leading aeronautical design, engineering, and scientific talent.

3 months ago
Looks like a Mirage

6 months ago

5 months ago
canada is 100 years ahead of nasa

5 months ago
American flight industri for sure doesn’t like this plane. For many reason this must be ended. I wonder if Canada still move on, this could be on of the greates interceptor ever

1 month ago (edited)
The Chinese are sending 4 frigates to the Aleutian Islands. Maybe Canada can send a couple of Arrows to frighten them away?

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