Video: BRWR04: Black Politicians tell Blacks to KILL White Farmers – BFLF lying Tweets about White Farmers!


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We take a quick look at what black politicians have said and written about the killing of the Boer, the killing of the Farmer and … apparently there’s nothing wrong or hateful about saying it!

Now take a look at today already. Here is Black First Land First a NEW black group of radicals. I have seen where they write on a wall “F**ck Whites”. They are the new Julius Malema communist wannabes. Now look at what BFLF has sent out on Twitter earlier today! They deny that the white farmers are the ones feeding the country. (But don’t worry the blacks will lie like that – they will lie about all sorts of obvious truths). Then they tell lies that white farmers are killing the blacks. Note the reference to the black who died in Coligny. Pure nonsense – we’ve been through that stuff and through the autopsy which showed that he suffered no injuries. No sign of being beaten or manhandled or anything like they claim. These blacks are lying through their teeth about their deaths and they deny our deaths!

So these blacks don’t like the farms? I grew up on a farm. I know how hard farm life is. These blacks can find other work if they want. What is clear to me is that the white race and the black race are parting ways and that is simply because the current system is based on enormous lies. We whites were tricked and lied to 20+ years ago. Its that simple.

Here are some of BFLF’s tweets today. Jan]

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