Video: British Military Analysis: Pentagon Leaks: What do the documents reveal?


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Video: WTA01: ALCORA: The Secret Military Alliance of Whites to fight Blacks in Africa
In this video you will hear things that even Whites here in Africa dont know. None of our leaders nor any of our authors told us any of this.

[What is quite shocking about this, is how easily this young White guy in America managed to get so much data. And this was real data that the Russians got their hands on. But keep in mind, the stuff that was put out there was also carefully modified in some respects – but it seems – the vast majority of the data was real. That is a massive blow for America – and a nice score for Russia and Putin. They must be having some good laughs. That's a serious win for Russia ON THE GLOBAL STAGE. It shows how shoddy some US Security is. When I was in the SA Navy for about a year, I dealt with Secret and Top Secret documents as part of my work, and the rules around those things were very tight. Very. The explanation for how this young White guy got these documents is very interesting. Regarding British Special Forces in Ukraine: Clearly British Special Forces do go into and out of Ukraine as is needed. Notice the way the British Ministry of Defense speaks about the SF issue. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Photo: Apartheid South Africa: Whites Only Beach Sign in Durban city
This is an example of the types of signs that were all over South Africa in the days of White rule, under Apartheid.

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