Video & Audio: WHITE VICTORY: What can only 4 million Whites do? Croatian War of Independence

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Whites everywhere, including in South Africa are always saying to me: “What can whites in South Africa do? We are ONLY 4 million!”.

I take a look at a small white nation, the Croatians, who have almost exactly the same population as ourselves and who faced a strong enemy.

This is my answer. I look at the Croatian War of Independence which ended in victory in 1995. The Croatians became independent in a war that started with the breakup of the state of Yugoslavia. They faced a clever enemy in the leader of the Serbians who managed to control the entire Yugoslavian army and who was determined to seize a portion of Croatian territory.

The Croatians, like the White South Africans are a deeply Christian and peaceful people. They had very few weapons and found themselves facing a powerful, army of white men with proper weapons.

I give an overview of the war and we look at how these whites who had started with virtually no army ended up winning a war against an enemy that was at least 60% stronger than them.

What kind of army did the Croatians actually create? How did a peaceful, disarmed people go from peace into winning a war?

I also discuss the disarmament of the Germans at the end of WW1 and I allude to some of the incredible achievements of the whites of Finland. I also discuss Europe as a type of White Apartheid state divided into “White Tribes”.

In this video, the purpose is to draw parallels between the whites of Africa and the Croatians, and to discuss similarities and differences.

I also give my final conclusions about the size and kind of army that we whites in Africa could create if we dumped our reliance on blacks and ran our own white-only state.

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