Video & Audio: White Rebellion: Why didn’t Britain invade Rhodesia?

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In 1965, the Whites of the British colony of southern Rhodesia rebelled against Britain. They rejected the British orders to hand over power to blacks. A question that has bothered me in recent years when I began re-investigating Rhodesian history was this: Since the rebellion, like all rebellions, is ILLEGAL, why didn’t the British invade Rhodesia which was controlled by a small population of whites?

It took some time, but I finally found the exact answer to this very important question. How was it that whites could rebel against the UK openly and they were not invaded – which by rights they should have been?

In here, I discuss and show you the plans and intentions of the British politicians to invade and crush the white rebellion. There were blacks in Africa, like the black President of Zambia who kept telling the British to crush the white rebels and who allowed the British to send their air-force and military to Zambia, from which Rhodesia could be invaded.

The politicians had the power to carry out an invasion, and yet it never happened! Why?

Here’s the answer to one of the strangest mysteries of Rhodesia, a mystery that is almost never raised even by Rhodesians!!

This is a very important question, and I delve into the many things that happened, but hidden in here is a big white pill for whites. You will be surprised by the answer.

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