Video & Audio: #TeamWhite: Alex & Jan: S.Africa: White Medical preparations for a Race War

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Alex and I chat to Dr Gavin Scrooby, a Medical Doctor who is the General in charge of his own organisation called “Executive Tachmed Group”. They are a group in South Africa who are part of the Boer Alliance of a big network of white groups, who are preparing in case of an attack by the blacks on the whites.

NB: The contact details for Dr Scrooby are at the bottom.

Dr Scrooby, was in the former SADF (South African Defence Force), under Apartheid, where he was involved in the war in Angola. He was also in Iraq and also worked with Black Water. He also has contacts with Eeben Barlow’s Executive Outcomes, the biggest white-run mercenary company in Africa that comes from South Africa. They have fought in many wars.

I met Dr Scrooby at an officer’s meeting of the Boere Legion in 2019 where I gave a 30 minute talk summarizing my lecture, “50 Years of Race War in southern Africa”.

NOTE: There are very likely also clandestine groups of whites who are not public at all. Their size and number are unknown. But they definitely DO EXIST as well.

Dr Scrooby’s organisation does medical and tactical training here in South Africa.

In South Africa, all the White Right wing groups are run by Generals. Gavin was originally the Surgeon General of the Boere Legion. He is now independent and is the Surgeon General of the Boer Alliance. The Boer Alliance is composed of 50 different paramilitary groups, including the old AWB of Eugene Terreblanche who are recruiting whites and doing military training in the event of a black attack on the whites.

According to Gavin, there are approximately 120,000 whites belonging to the white right wing organisations, this includes white women.

This interview took place on 28th May 2020.

Dr Scrooby can be contacted by email at: [email protected]

His mobile number is: +27769813710

His mobile in South Africa is: 0769813710

Dr Scrooby can be contacted for interviews.


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