Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2021 No 1: Tri-Continental: Domestic Terrorism, COVID Rebellion & Psy war on Whites


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In this episode, Alex Linder, Alison Chabloz and Jan discuss many topics:

Biden wants to get the White Right and White Nationalists to be declared “Domestic Terrorists”. A White Right influencer calling himself Ricky Vaughn (real name: Douglas Mackey) had told told Blacks they could vote by Text in the 2016 election.

We discuss the idiocy of COVID lock-downs and the dangers and lies about vaccines. A Corona Virus is nothing more than a Cold Virus and this is the 7th Corona virus.

We discuss European protests against the lock-downs. Jan explains the very rigid COVID restrictions in South Africa including wears a mask in your car even if you are alone.

We discuss the US election fraud evidence from computer data experts.

I mention the terrible state of the South African economy, that is experiencing the worst year in 90 years along with other problems in SA.

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