Video & Audio: JEWS AT THEIR MOST DANGEROUS: 911 and the Military Wargames


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Video & Audio: Loving Life: Jans personal discussions with President PW Botha
In 2006 as a result of my book, Government by Deception and my website AfricanCrisis, I made contact with former President PW Botha. He was very nice to me and he began phoning me. I published articles of things he told me about. He was so impressed with my accuracy when I wrote on my website what he told me, that he later invited me to stay at his house for 5 days. In this interview, I discuss some of the things that PW Botha and I discussed, and what he told me.

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In this video we look really closely at the military side of 911. We look at all the evidence of the Israeli spies that were hunted down and caught after 911. We look especially at the strange coincidens of the Military Wargames that were running at the same time as 911. What exactly was going on? Why did this work like this? We study this closely from a military point of view which most Whites won’t really know much about.

This video was recorded on: 2023-05-29.

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The real Secret of Oprah Winfrey‘s Success: She only/mainly hires WHITES!
Some weeks ago you will remember I posted a news item from the USA where people were remarking that Oprah lorded over whites. She said something about hiring only/mainly white people and now she orders them around

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