Video & Audio: Apartheid’s Greatest Hero: Dr Death: Wiping out Blacks with bio weapons


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This is about Dr Wouter Basson, a brilliant white man in South Africa, who set out to kill our enemies using chemical weapons, poisons. During the Rhodesian war, experiments began, due to the suggestions of a Professor at the University of Rhodesia, about poisoning the communist terrorists who were invading Rhodesia. There were whites in Rhodesia who believed that the use of poisons against black combatants could be “the poor mans nuclear weapon”.

But in South Africa, far more elaborate work was underway, under the name of “Project Coast”. Here they were not only looking at chemicals and poisons, but much deeper into much more sophisticated stuff, biological weapons.

In this short video Basson talks about another country with a problem that consulted SA. I’m convinced from what he says that he is referring to the co-operation between Rhodesia and South Africa to poison blacks. He states that this other country did not have the facilities, but it did provide “data”. This data was the result of actual poisons used in Rhodesia.

Basson is an unrepentent white male, who set out to slaughter our enemies on a large scale. Sadly, he was never given the financing and support that was needed. This man was using The White Man’s Magic, science, to think big thoughts that would have worked.

The ANC scum in South Africa tried many tricks to prove that this man was doing evil things. I think at one point he might even have done a bit of work for the ANC, and later they knifed him in the back. But generally speaking, he survived intense attempts to put him in jail.

EXTREMELY INTERESTING revelations from him suggest that there were military people in the USA who were keen to help him with what he was proposing, and it seems that EVEN IN JEWISH CONTROLLED BRITAIN … that there were some people keen to help!

Here is one of the most brilliant, determined white men that has ever come out of South Africa, and may the white males of the future be just like him, because then, our enemies will be annihilated.

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