Video & Audio: Alfred & Monika Schaefer & Jan: Name the Jew & Whites must NEVER be Silent!

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2010: S.Africa: Julius Malema incited Blacks to rape, torture & murder Afrikaans farm owners
An Afrikaans farmer and his family fled South Africa after deciding to lay charges against Julius Malema. In his affidavit he said that 2380 Afrikaners had been murdered in the last 16 years and some had been tortured.

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In this show we discuss many different topics ranging from the arrest of Leslie Bory in Canada to many other things that are Jew related. And we agree on why SILENCE is DEATH for Whites!

This show was recorded on: 2023-04-27.

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Video & Audio: WW3: Putin‘s next step: Setting Africa on fire: Sudan - Russia & China‘s only...
In February 2023 I made a prediction that Putin will need to start conflicts on other continents, especially Africa.

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